Cookie Monster couldn’t buy GME

Happy Friday! It looks like Robinhood and other Brokers followed the Big Tech Cartel playbook by restricting buys in meme stocks yesterday. Bold move.  I’m old enough to remember seeing short sales banned but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. I had a few advisors ask me if this is even legal, and…More

The last samurai

Happy Friday! Three stories worth sharing this week… The first is a blog post by Charlie Bilello discussing secular trend reversals. When these happen, no bell is rung. Investors usually don’t even realize they happened until well down the road. I’m not so sure I agree with everything in this post, simply because it’s still early…More

Lots of pain and no gain

Happy Friday! One of my resolutions for 2021 was to refrain from ripping on Millennials, but incompetent day traders are not getting a hall pass. Elon Musk tweeted the following on January 7th.  On January 6th, shares of Signal Advance (ticker: SIGL) closed at $0.60. On January 7th, it closed at $3.76.   There’s just one…More

2020 Never Happened

Happy New Year! To start, let’s never speak of 2020 again. It never happened. The American Dream was put on hold, and we all lived our lives like they do in Europe – blind to ambition and sobriety while waiting patiently for the government to send us checks in the mail. Check out this cool…More


I very rarely talk stocks, but the Door Dash and Airbnb IPOs this week cannot go untouched. Before I begin my rant, I am fully disclosing that I have done zero analysis on either company. I have not read their S-1 or any other Wall Street research out there. I’ve never even used Door Dash because…More